An Analog Hero for a Digital Age

Random thoughts on small business, traditional architecture and city design, and steady state, sustainable economic policy.

Tres Crow is a Business Consultant with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC),the CEO and Co-Founder of City Data Company, creators of the event mapping technology Walkabout, writer, and advocate for sustainable design, architecture, and economic policy, and the small businesses that make it all possible.

During his 12 year career Tres has walked an eclectic path, mastering a wide variety of positions and industries. From banking to insurance, fiction and freelance copy-writing to frontman for multiple bands, from a membership manager at an entrepreneurial organization to the CEO of his own technology firm, Tres has seen the business world from nearly every conceivable angle.

He’s an experienced corporate professional with 8 years of sales, marketing, and management experience, but he’s also a published fiction author who has completed two novels, an adapted screenplay, and countless short stories. He spent over 8 years in Nashville and Ann Arbor, MI as a songwriter, releasing 2 LPs, 2 EPs, and 2 digital singles during that time.

Tres has a BA in History from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, and finished his MBA at the University of West Georgia. He is a member of the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society, and has worked with entrepreneurial organizations like the Ritz Group, Opportunity Hub, and Switchyards Downtown Club.

He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two sons.


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